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We believe that modern software companies should be architected for online sales. This means low touch, data-driven growth and low cost sales methods. When done properly the result is accelerated growth and unusual capital efficiency. We join forces with specific B2B software businesses which provide specialized, mission-critical solutions and help them to scale.

If you want to go far, go together.

It’s a simple but powerful statement.

​Creating a startup is a complex, rapidly changing, daily battle.

If that’s not enough, media advertises the outliers, the latest big thing, the biggest venture rounds, the new unicorns.

You were told that the answer is simple: increase your TAM, your price, lower your CAC, your churn.

Founders do all of that on top of keeping the business competitive and way above market speed. It means figuring out the sales machine, developing the product, acquiring leads, customers, investors, talent, managing lawyers and accountants. Cutting through the noise is near impossible.


Introducing… Keiretsu.

One company, one group, by founders, for founders.

Where some see you as an entrepreneur, we see you as a partner.

What would you do if you could fully focus on what truly matters: your team and your customers?

We are the partners who help you grow, providing guidance and help, with the power of our group of founders.

We are Keiretsu. We join forces with specific B2B software business which provide specialized, mission-critical solutions.

Are you ready to go further?

In The Press

After spending the past 10 years as a startup investor, Pierre Schurmann decided it was time to run his own business. Now he is structuring a company called Keiretsu.


After founding Bossa Nova Investimentos and transforming it into the largest investor of startups in Latin America, with a portfolio of more than 400 investments in three years, Pierre Schurmann, one of the pioneering entrepreneurs of the Brazilian internet, expands his performance in the technology market and internet and announces the creation of Keiretsu Software, a group of SaaS companies (Software as a Service), which was born with an initial capital of R$ 100 million to acquire fast-growing and highly scalable businesses.


Pierre Schurmann launches a holding of SaaS startups with a capital of R$ 100 million – Keiretsu Software arrives with a different model, planning to grow with acquisitions of between 40 to 70 startups, which will also have ownership interest in the group.


What we’re looking for

B2B Software Startups

  • Too big to be sold to an individual. Too small for Private Equity. Generally, this is between $1mm and $5mm annual revenue.

  • Your software is a crucial part of your business customer’s operations. They would be very unhappy if you closed up shop.

  • We love subscriptions and licenses. Services and transactional businesses aren’t a fit.

  • Verticals or very unique target customer use cases with hard-to-replicate features and benefits.


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